Introducing the exciting new way to increase your sales

Lack of information has been one of the biggest reasons for lost sales in garden centers. Customers are hesitant to buy because they don’t know if it’s the right plant or how to take care of it. Problem solved!

Your customers have questions – now you have answers

The 2D tag is a new kind of bar code. Customers simply scan the 2D barcode on the Ran-Pro Farms product label. The information page automatically opens and containing specific information such as:

  • Planting Instructions
  • Cold Hardiness
  • Suggested Pollinator
  • Bloom Time
  • Watering
  • Pruning
  • Ripening Time
  • Spacing
  • Mature Size

These are the questions your customers ask everyday. Now they can have the answers they need in an instant.

Easy to access

Most consumers have phones that access the Internet. The free tag reader is available at: http://www.gettag.mobi. It’s a quick download and your customers will be scanning in seconds and finding the plant they are looking for.

It’s a free and innovative training tool for your employees too

Many of your employees don’t know the answers to your customers’ questions, particularly those that only work part-time or seasonally. Finding time to train full time employees is difficult too, especially during the busy season. Now they can have the right information they need to help customers make informed decisions. The added bonus is using the 2D tag to build deeper relationships with your customers.

Get started increasing your sales today with the Garden Center Game Changer – 2D tags from Ran-Pro Farms. Call or email us to arrange for a personal demonstration.