Hand-grown and handled with care since 1980

For over 30 years, we’ve been growing each plant as if it would be planted in our yard. Every plant is container-grown throughout the cultivation process, ensuring a strong root system. This produces a hearty plant that customers can have confidence in when it’s time to plant it in their yard, or nurture on their patio.

Experience the Ran-Pro Difference

When our plants arrive, they are retail ready – the plants look the way your customers expect them to look – straight, branched, and vibrant. We take extra care at each stage of growth to cultivate vibrant plants.

  • Plant specific, specially formulated soil mix
  • Staked for straightness, branched for shapeliness
  • Each plant is evaluated during the growth process and aggressively culled if it doesn’t meet our quality standards
  • We ship on refrigerated trucks to ensure our plants arrive “farm fresh”
  • All plants are guaranteed to be true to variety and healthy upon elivery

Real People Offering Real Solutions

When you call Ran-Pro Farms, you’ll speak to a real person who’ll get you the answers you are looking for.

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Our affiliations

Ran-Pro is actively involved in state and national associations that support the horticultural industry