Colorfresh Crapemyrtle

ColorFresh Crapemyrtle™ – Vibrant colors and easy care

ColorFresh Crape Myrtle

ColorFresh Crapemyrtles™ are a delightful focal point for your customers’ garden or landscape. These plants are easy to grow and will liven up the lawn with lively colored blooms in shades of red, pink, white, purple, and lavender.

Desired for their colorful and long-lasting flowers, our ColorFresh Crapemyrtle™ is one of the longest blooming trees in existence with flowering periods lasting from 60-120 days. Flowers bloom in the summer and autumn in big showy clusters.

Choose from more than 50 unique colors and varieties

Ran-Pro Farms’ ColorFresh Crapemyrtle™ known are for their fast growth, unique foliage, beautiful color, and drought-resistance, are available in standard, semi-dwarf, dwarf, and miniature weeping varieties. We offer them in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 10 gallon containers.

We feature an expansive collection of patented Carl Whitcomb series varieties including Red Rocket, Dynamite, Tightwad Red, Burgundy Cotton, Siren Red, Raspberry Sundae and Pink Velour. We also offer an existing Ebony series that are catching the eye of garden center customers.

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