Retailer Support


Customers come to you looking for ideas and inspiration. We can help. Our expert team of marketing professionals understands how to help retailers reach customers.

We start with the most innovative product tags in the horticultural industry featuring the 2D barcode. These eye-catching plant tags and point-of-purchase displays give customers compelling reasons to buy. Ran-pro labeling appeals to all the senses with colorful, mouthwatering visuals, clear product designation and large oversized tags for easy identification and eye appeal.

The 2D tag is a new kind of bar code. Your customers scan the 2D barcode from their phone and instantly learn growing tips, planting and watering instructions plus much more!

All of Ran-Pro’s plants are branded with names that support current customer desires:

  • Home-grown and edible with Realfresh Citrus and Fruit™
  • Traditional trees rebranded for the new economy as Energaver Shade™
  • Watermiser™ landscape and grasses whose drought-resistance and xeriscape applications attract customers seeking products that will reduce watering costs

Bring more customers into your store


Do you love selling plants, but find yourself frustrated with how to bring more customers into your store? We have persuasive, customer-centered advertising programs for radio, print, direct mail, and e-commerce that will set you apart from your competition.

Start growing your business today with Ran-Pro’s retailer support program.